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Magical Moment: Writing Her Name

Girl on swing

Every day we get the chance to witness the most magical moments in the children we serve. One of the 5-year-olds in our Day Treatment program has been struggling with letters and numbers. One day, her teacher Ms. Stephanie decided to try something new. She said “Let’s pretend you’re a crab! Where are your pinchers?”

When she held out her hands, Ms. Stephanie took her dominant hand and placed a pencil in it. Ms. Stephanie continued holding her hand over the pencil but not guiding it. The simple presence of her teacher’s hand gave her the confidence to make the motion of writing her name on the paper for the very first time. She’s written her name every day since!

One of the primary goals in our Day Treatment program is to help children learn the skills they need to grow and thrive within their families and be ready for kindergarten. This is just one example of how our dedicated, loving teachers care for each child in our program. Thank you Ms. Stephanie for all you do!


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