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Taylor’s Story

Each year The Children’s Place works with hundreds of children ages eight and younger who have experienced some of the worst storms life has to offer. Through mental health therapy coupled with in-depth relationships, these young children receive the care they need to heal from their past traumatic events and thrive. 

Meet Taylor

Just one of the many stories of The Children’s Place, in Taylor’s first few years of life, she experienced more than many do in a lifetime. Now five years old, Taylor is a graduate of our Day Treatment program, where she was able to receive comprehensive social, emotional and developmental services so she was ready to head to kindergarten last fall. 

Taylor is now thriving in elementary school and has continued her mental health therapy through our Counseling Center. During her first session in this new program, Taylor used big emotion words to describe how she feels now compared to before starting at The Children’s Place. She described herself now as happy and excited all the time, no longer scared or lonely. Taylor had previously held trauma in her body with tense emotions that led to big behaviors. Her time in Day Treatment taught her how to navigate her feelings and experiences. She loved to visit “the Place with the Rudy Bear.”

Several months into therapy in our Counseling Center, Taylor has opened up even more to her therapist to explain how she feels safe and cared for, and that she’s also able to be herself. She said that she used to feel a little sad, but she’s now able to talk about when she’s feeling mixed up inside. Her emotional vocabulary has greatly increased, and she’s able to trust others in the world. Sharing both nightmares and successes, she was able to learn the skills she needed to succeed in kindergarten and life.

This transformative work if only possible because of the support of generous people like you. Could you make a gift to change the life trajectories of children like Taylor who have experienced traumatic events? Donate today.


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