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Trauma Training for the Community

As a local and national leader in children’s mental health, The Children’s Place is committed to being a resource in our community to train the next generation of mental health professionals and to expand awareness of the importance of mental health throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.

We routinely offer presentations to share our expertise with companies, schools, organizations and other groups. Our team of mental health experts is available to develop a presentation for your needs or customize one of the following for your specific interests:

What Is Your Story?

Do you know the power of your own history? The ups and downs we have experienced throughout life can impact our current and future relationships and choices. This workshop provides accessible tools to learn more about our own stories and how they affect us along with those around us.

Going with the Flow: Understanding the Personal Impact of Change

In this world of constant change, there is often a tremendous amount of anxiety, stress and grief that is rarely acknowledged. Learn how different people adapt to shifting situations then develop strategies for navigating the ups and downs of change in the workplace.

I CAN Handle This

What promotes employee resiliency? Why do some employees seem to glide through challenges while others struggle to stay afloat? Learn strategies for strengthening your capacity to navigate the disappointments, stress and change that occur in all work environments.

Help! I am Burning Out

Are there times when going to work is the last thing you want to do? Is this something which occurs occasionally or daily? Learn how to recognize the signs of this occupational phenomenon called “burnout.” Managing the prolonged stress of deadlines and expectations can leave people emotionally drained, and it can impact the daily joy of being at work. Learn ways to recognize burnout in yourself and in your team along with ways to soothe this potentially destructive situation.

On-Demand Digital Training

Our President & CEO Ann Thomas is featured on a free webinar, created for Sesame Street in Communities, titled “Traumatic Experiences: First Steps to Hope.” We invite you to watch Part 1 and Part 2 of this series at your convenience.

Learn more about our training opportunities and how we can work together by calling 816.363.1898 or filling out the form below.