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Mayor’s Proclamation Honors 45th Anniversary

Thank you to Mayor Quinton Lucas for joining in the celebration of The Children’s Place’s 45th anniversary by issuing a mayoral proclamation. We’re grateful for the Mayor’s acknowledgment of the impact that The Children’s Place has had over the last 45 years.

We invite you to read the entire proclamation here:

Whereas, The Children’s Place has served as Kansas City’s specialized trauma treatment center serving the mental health needs of young children since 1978; and

Whereas, Kansas City faces the highest number of substantial abuse and neglect cases per capita in the state of Missouri and relies on agencies like The Children’s Place to provide the mental health services that these children need to heal; and

Whereas, this beacon in the Kansas City community has helped more than 10,000 young children and families heal from traumatic events; and

Now, therefore, as Mayor of the City of Kansas City, I, Quinton D. Lucas, on behalf of the residents of this great city, do hereby honor The Children’s Place on its 45th anniversary.


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